Art for Holly Black Contest

Holly Black, fabulous author of White Cat, Red Glove, Tithe, The Spiderwick Chronicles, etc. is holding a contest to give away three advanced reader copies of her new book, Black Heart. All she asked for was something excellent from the Curse Workers series.

So here’s my entry (well, at least my first attempt). A scene from Red Glove in which Cassel is about to get plugged by his sister-in-law, Maura. For those of you who haven’t read these books (for heaven’s sake, read these books!) I won’t say anything further. Just that it’s a visual cliff hanger. I wanted to get the feel of film noir and Raymond Chandler, the stark lighting and shadows. Unfortunately my scanner absolutely fried the black colored pencil. I’m going to try taking a picture of the art and see if that keeps the lighter grays. Also, the paper I used was a lighter weight Rives buff printing paper and I had a hard time getting it black enough.

"I've made a lot of mistakes. I see that now...You understand I can't afford to make any more."


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