Celtic Doodles


‘A’ with animal head and simple spirals, and key pattern background.

A while ago I needed a small sketchbook for a specific purpose. The small Moleskine book was the perfect size, and it came in a 3-pack. This meant I had two extra Moleskine journals that were just begging to be filled. So as a way to keep my knot work skills up to date I decided to do a Celtic alphabet. The top of each page is a continuation of one long knot panel that will, once I get to ‘Z’, be formed by one line. The tops of the letter panels will also be even with each other. Those three horizontal lines are the only ones that I’m measuring or using a straightedge on. Also, because I’m doing my layout directly in the sketchbook, I have to erase a lot and some of the pen lines need to be cleaned up in Photoshop, along with correcting any mistakes I make. But for the most part, I’m trying not to do too much digital touch-up.


‘B’ with spirals inspired by the Lindisfarne Gospels.

This is meant to be a fun exercise for myself, so I’m not slavishly following a particular manuscript or exemplar. I’m picking letter-forms that I like and that I think will make interesting little pieces of art. I’ll try to post the letters as they get done. Perhaps one day I might color them too.



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