The Next Thing

I’ve had an idea kicking around even longer than the Green Man (he’s actually one of the more recent). A raven done in Celtic knot work. I figured out the knot several years ago in a sketchbook and never did anything about it.

Knotted Raven 72

Earlier this year I got a call for submissions for a juried art show on the subject of Crow/Raven: Magic and Mystery. But the art wasn’t anywhere near being ready for something like that, so I never even responded. Then about a month ago, at an opening for a show my wife was in, I met the curator for the Crow/Raven show. In the course of our conversation, he prodded me, wondering how long it would take me to get the art finished. When I convinced him that was not going to happen, he told me there was a lecture series associated with the show, and asked me if I would like to work on the art in the lobby between the lectures.

For some strange reason it took a bit of convincing for me to say yes, but I did. As a result, I will be working (painting, hopefully) on my knot work Raven on Sunday, June 8th, from 1pm to 2pm, somewhere in Blakely Hall in the Issaquah Highlands. Stop by if you can and say hi. I will be working, but having a conversation will be just as much fun. And the lectures sound fantastic.

I’m really looking forward to it. Hope to see some of you there.


8 comments on “The Next Thing

  1. This is quite wonderful and unique
    AnnMarie :-)

  2. Maia T. says:

    I’d absolutely love to try that in cross-stitch.

    • kecain says:

      Embroidery or couching I could see. Cross-stitch I’m not sure.

      • Maia T. says:

        It would require some major quarter and three-quarter stitches and have to be fully back-stitched.

      • kecain says:

        Yeah, I saw your page after I made my comment. Judging by your ‘pond’ piece, there’s probably not much you couldn’t do in cross-stitch. (Ow. That was a double negative, but I hope you get the point.) Beautiful work.

      • Maia T. says:

        Thank you! I’ve been stitching since I was in my early teens, and I’m still surprised by what can be done with some thread and a repeated x, especially with a few variations on the cross included.

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