30×30 Challenge Completed!

I did it. Barely. Installation for this show was supposed to be Wednesday, but I had to push that back one day. I needed to make scans of the artwork and my beloved old AGFA flatbed decided it didn’t want to scan color any more. A friend came to the rescue, and the rest of Wednesday was spent mounting the pieces. But at least the art was done!

The opening was fabulous, well attended, well appreciated. There is just one problem.

There’s still art left!


And Your Little Dog Too!

And Your Little Dog Too!


This piece was pointed at a lot, usually accompanied with a smile. But it’s still there, (at least as of this afternoon) hanging quietly on the wall with no little red dot next to it’s name. So I decided I’m going to post one image a day (or so) for the rest of this month. I think at least one other artist was planning on doing so as well. You should be able to see all the posts on Avanti’s 30×30 facebook page. If you see something you like, call the gallery.

See you tomorrow.


4 comments on “30×30 Challenge Completed!

  1. […] many people at the gallery opening who were totally unfamiliar with Celtic art, but they knew a flying monkey when they saw […]

  2. CaptMaggie says:

    Really?! I’m so surprised no one picked it up yet. Hmm….I’m very tempted.

  3. What a great piece! I’m quite fond of flying monkeys, myself. :-)

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