Have You Seen This Man?

The last two of my i-knot series a couple sharing i-pod and a hipster. The couple I saw walking down the street one day, holding hands and sharing their ear buds. I think it was all the more sweet because they were kind of grunge-y and hard-core looking, sharing  this moment in public. It doesn’t matter if they were listening to acid or emo, it was still cute.

i-knot: Terminally Hip

i-knot: Terminally Hip

i-knot: Version 2.0

i-knot: Version 2.0







The hipster is the man in question. I had originally drawn him more generically with a much more structured knot. In the redraw I realized he was leaning against a wall with one foot propped up and I saw him as ‘the hipster’.

In a recent Seattle Times article someone wrote of hip young men with “ironic mustaches”. What does that mean? Is that like John Waters?  I don’t know. I drew my hipster with no mustache at all, just the beard, his curly hair tousled over his forehead, and heavy horn-rimmed glasses. He’s wearing a sweater with the sleeves pulled up, tight purple jeans, and green Chuck Taylors.

So I ask again, have you seen this man? I know I have, or a variation thereof. And I want to make clear that I’m not dissing hipsters, but lampooning a stereotype. Maybe I’ll do the Aging-Ponytailed-Beerbellied-Hippie-Artist next. Er…that would be me.

It all comes back to creating images that are easily, if not instantly, recognizable in a pop-culture context. Giving the viewer a frame of reference, a chunk of solid ground to stand on while looking at this art. Why? Because the technique I use is not a common one and I want my viewers to have something they can relate to. There were many people at the gallery opening who were totally unfamiliar with Celtic art, but they knew a flying monkey when they saw one.


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