I’ve always loved how the scribes of the old insular manuscripts would contort humans and animals into almost unrecognizable shapes, all to fit into a particular space, a la the artwork in my previous post. I also wanted to keep playing with the ‘i-knot’ theme. This formed a clear link (at least in my mind) to the i-pod ads beginning around 2005. Bright, changing colors with a figure in almost silhouette, and the i-pod and earbuds in white, all moving to music. These three pieces were directly inspired by those ads.

i-knot: Air Guitar

i-knot: Air Guitar

i-knot: Hop

i-knot: Hop

i-knot: Bellydance

i-knot: Bellydance


But here’s the funny thing: I don’t remember actually seeing the ads. I know I must have at some point as they are so ingrained in my memory. Around the time these ads came out, our TV died and we never replaced it. My son remembers seeing the ads on billboards and they have perhaps reached the status of an iconic image. Do a Google search for ‘i-pod advertisement’ and you will see other artists versions ranging from Darth Vader to Homer Simpson. Such is the power of popular culture.

Was there an equivalent in 800 AD? I’ll look into that question in a later post. In the meantime, dance like no one is watching.

I’m having a hard time getting the scan for i-knot: bellydance to look good on the blog. It should be a lot more magenta. It also sold opening night. Last time I checked, the other two were still available.


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