End of the Digression


Well, they are printed, signed, numbered, and listed on my Etsy shop. These Norse Griffins were an experiment and time will tell how successful an experiment it was. My original thought was to have them for sale at the Oddmall show, but I completely ignored the logistics of how to sell unfinished art. Any promotional effort I made was too little, too late. And my hope of generating interest in my other linocut prints with my demo, never materialized.


This is not to say that the endeavor was a failure. I learned a lot, and it may yet prove to be profitable. I’m certainly not sorry I took the leap.

For the geeking out aspect, I’m including a series of images showing the progression of the reduction printing process. I always find it challenging in a good way.  Multi-color printing without a safety net.

Griffin 1stColor

The first color. I carved away everything I wanted to stay white.

Griffin 2ndColor

The second color. Here I carved away everything I wanted to show as red.

Griffin 2ndColorCombo

And this is what the second color looks like printed on top of the first. The color balance is a bit off in this picture, but the orange toned down to a pumpkin like color.

Griffin 3rdColor

The third color, a blue-black mix attempting to match indigo. This outline is all that is left of the original block.

Griffin Final

And lastly, the third color printed on top of the others.


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